Chaussures moto Gaerne

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Gaerne add to the fashion market with their footwear collection the G.VOYAGER that aims to combine the comfort of a casual shoe with the technical equipment of a product from the bike scene. G.VOYAGER is suitable for those who use their bikes every day, especially in cities, and that requires a product that is able to combine style and safety. For the design Gaerne was inspired by the world of fashion while as regards the technical aspect , the G.VOYAGER are equipped with protection in the ankles area, reinforcements in the heel and protection for the change. The rubber sole is non-slip and locking system makes use of laces and external zip. These elements allow the collection G.VOYAGER to pass the tests for obtaining the CE certification. There is a wide choice of colours and internal membranes, there is something for everyone and for all the seasons!!

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